As a lifelong Alaskan, my creative process has been strongly influenced by my relationship with light and nature. Alaska’s wild swings of light and darkness imprinted on me at an early age, nurturing an appreciation and understanding of the emotional power of light. Some of my first recognitions of beauty were found in the long, purple shadows of Alaska’s winter afternoons, and in the liquid gold of the summer midnight sun. This kinship to light permeated my growth as a young artist and nurtured me as I grew artistically, developing a deep love of photography for its ability to translate my artistic vision through light. 

Light and photography remain at the core of my artistic passion. As I continue to explore photographic expression, I am drawn to alternative and experimental photographic processes such as lumen printing, cyanotype, and photograms. I connect physically with each process, translating my specific vision. The photographic imagery I create relies on exposure to the sun or other light source, with each process having an individual ability to utilize light with their own specific nuance. While the final work of each is considered a photograph, their creation is cameraless. 

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